Andrew Ranz and Heather Parmiter September 28, 2002  
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Our Story

We met at an After Hours Fraternity party at Syracuse University one of the first weekends of my senior year and Andy's sophomore year. The party was full of drunk and rowdy college students drinking cheap beer out of plastic cups. Since most of the fraternity boys were unable to coherently converse with me, I searched for more intelligent life.... I spotted a chick with green hair dancing with some friends in a far corner........I thought to myself, 'hey, she must be an art student! I gotta go chat with her' So, I made my way over to the corner and sat down on the sofa next to where she was dancing. There was a guy sitting on the sofa as well and I noticed him chatting with the green haired girl, so I struck up a conversation with him in order to meet the green haired girl. Well, I never met the green haired girl. Andy and I were two totally different kinds of people on the outside, but it became apparant over the next few hours of talking intensely with each other that we had alot more in common with each other and more interest in each other than we initially saw on the surface. The room basically faded away while we talked until we realized we were the only two people left at the party (besides the passed out frat boy in the corner) We met by chance and we havent been apart since.

We took a trip to Prince Edward Island to do some camping, biking and sightseeing for a week. The island was small, so we travelled around it in it's entirety on the coastline. Our trip started out on the southern coast moving east and then finally west. Andy was impatient about spending a night on the west coast so we could watch the sun set. It was odd behavior coming from a man, but we made it over there anyway. We camped on the West Point beach.......right in the dunes basically.... There was a lighthouse right down the beach and a wonderful restaurant on it's deck. We set up our campsite, took a ride on our bikes to check out the area, then took a swim in the Northumberland Straits incredibly warm waters. After a quick shower, we rode our bikes to the lighthouse/restaurant. We dined on mussels and lobster and some lovely wine.....a truly wonderful meal. Then we headed back to our campsite to watch the sun set. I got out my camera to shoot some pictures of the sunset because it was so beautiful, especially from the beach and the dunes. We shared some wine and enjoyed the moment. Andy and I both mentioned how lovely it all was and then he hypothetically asked how we could have these moments forever together. I, very sarcastically, said, 'Well, we could get married' And then he piped in and said, 'Why don't we?!' So, again, very sarcastically, I said, 'Yah, right' And thats when I realized that this wasn't Andy just teasing me........he said once again, 'Let's get married' Well, that's when it hit me.......he was really asking me to marry him. He formally asked me and I of course said yes. We enjoyed the rest of our sunset and wine and I even got a few photos of the sunset we watched on the night we got engaged.



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